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Best Cigarette Tar Filter
  • Prevent nasty tar from reaching your lungs
  • Reduce coughing and shortness of breath
  • Relieve sore throat and bad breath
  • Quit smoking without withdrawal symptoms
  • Get rid of stains on teeth and fingers

ANTI TAR® is a 3rd generation cigarette & joint filter, whereas most of those available on the market are gen 1 filters. In the United States alone, there are estimated 34.1 million adults who smoke cigarettes, and at least half of them suffer health problems caused by tar from smoking.

In addition to being a cigarette filter, ANTI TAR® can also be used as a joint filter. It is a large untapped market in both the weed and tobacco markets.

The demography most interested in ANTI TAR® are:

  • Cigarette Smokers
  • Cannabis/Joint/Weed Smokers
  • Men & women, 40+ years of age
  • Those smokers already experienced health issues such as morning cough, shortness of breath, etc
  • Heavy smokers who can't quit smoking

How to Join:


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There are 2 links inside: Text Sales page and Direct to Cart page

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Step 3 - Earn Commissions

✔ With a generous 70% commission on front-end sales and 10% on upsells and downsells, you'll enjoy substantial earnings as you promote our innovative, high-converting product!

✔️ You can get up to $166 per sale from sales and upsells/downsells

✔️ High-quality, innovative product that genuinely helps people!

✔️ The refund rate is very low and there are many positive testimonials from satisfied customers!


Affiliate Tools: Social & Ad Assets

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The following promotional methods are prohibited:

1. Brand & Domain bidding (include variation and misspelling) in all SEM

2. Brand & Domain bidding (include variation and misspelling) with PPV traffic

3. Falsely representing us in your promotional method (store, social media, etc)

The following actions are strictly prohibited:

Setting up a domain name that contains the brand name, such as buyantitar.com, antitar.net, antitar.org, antitarcoupon.com, etc. Instead, you can use your own domain name with the brand name as a subfolder, e.g. yourowndomain.com/antitar.

Brand bidding on keywords that include the brand name and domain name, as well as any variations or misspellings of these keywords. This type of behavior is not considered marketing and is not allowed, as it attempts to mislead or confuse customers by replicating our domain name and bidding on brand/domain keywords that customers already intend to visit.

We take this issue very seriously and have already disabled many affiliate accounts for engaging in brand bidding and reversing their commissions.

All commissions will be reversed and your affiliate application immediately disabled

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