Take The Harm Away From Your Next Cigarette & Joint

1 cigarette's tar vs 1 joint's tar

Who Said Smoking Is Bad??

Come & have a stick with me...

Hey, have a stick and light it up…

Let's be honest here.

People don't ever really talk about the "GOOD" part of smoking.

And let's talk about that.

There are reasons why we smoke.

First, we obviously look cool with it.

Second, smoking on a night out, drinking with friends, and listening to the live band…

... it's just freakin' amazing!

Well, what am I supposed to do in a pub without a cigarette in hand anyway?

Third, smoking relaxes the hell out of you…

Just imagine after having a nice dinner…

You went out to your veranda to get your nicotine fix...

Even for that brief moment… it's the best feeling ever.

In other words, smoking somehow "completes" your life.

This is just something that non-smokers will never be able to understand.

Now, I'm not saying that smoking cigarettes doesn't come with nasty side effects.

Of course it does, we've been hearing it from everyone…

… from the WHO, FDA, CDC, family members, friends, and your doctors.

I'm not here to remind you about any of the "negative" parts of smoking…

But take a moment to visualize this…

Since the late 1950s, tobacco companies have searched for a way to improve filters that would cut tar by 50% without having to suck like you're drinking a thick milkshake through a straw.

Their choice was a synthetic fiber called Cellulose Acetate. 95% of all cigarettes today use it, but it can filter only between 15% to 30% of the tar, depending on the "vents" added to the filter paper.

Fewer vents mean a harder pull, but more tar filtered out. Smokers tend to puff vented cigarettes harder to obtain 'satisfaction.'

As if that wasn’t enough, tobacco companies inject up to 20 times the recommended amount of nicotine to keep you addicted and doctors were paid to leave false testimonies.

So the grip of addiction becomes insurmountable and guilt, stress, and frustration spiral out of control keeping you stuck on an endless loop.

Fast forward to today, and if you’re like most smokers, you are addicted.

Not only that, your loved ones might be yelling at you, your health gets worse every year, and you find yourself stuck in an endless loop that seems insurmountable.

Don’t Get Me Wrong, It’s NOT Your Fault!

But aren’t you tired of all this?

By now it’s common knowledge that smoking is unhealthy...

Yes, there are tar filter available out there, but if I have to pick between smoking with tar filters or quit smoking…

I'd rather QUIT! 😂

Why? Well, most cigarette tar filters sucks!

If you've tried them before, you know what I mean.

First, it's really hard to suck the smoke out of the cigarette…

… it's like drinking coke with a tiny small straw.

Second, the draw that you get from it is very weak.

It feels like you're just 'puffing'.

And here's the worse part...

Smoking with tar filters really changes the taste!

But now, I want to introduce to you a NEW kind of ...

But aren’t you tired of all this?

By now it’s common knowledge that smoking is unhealthy...

Yes, there are tar filter available out there, but if I have to pick between smoking with tar filters or quit smoking…

I'd rather QUIT! 😂

Why? Well, most cigarette tar filters sucks!

If you've tried them before, you know what I mean.

First, it's really hard to suck the smoke out of the cigarette…

… it's like drinking coke with a tiny small straw.

Second, the draw that you get from it is very weak.

It feels like you're just 'puffing'.

And here's the worse part...

Smoking with tar filters really changes the taste!

But now, I want to introduce to you a NEW kind of 

A Solution That Goes Completely Against The Grain

A solution that allows you to keep smoking without any regret.

A solution that shows your loved ones that you actually care.

A solution that helps eases your breathing while giving you more energy.

A solution that doesn’t stain your teeth and fingers.

Ultimately, if I tell you that this solution is affordable and that you can start using right away, would you do it?

My uncle, a heavy smoker, died at age 50. That upsetting time inspired me to come up with a better, safer way to smoke.

And that’s why I created ANTI TAR®!

A Filter Like No Other - ANTI TAR®

Combining Maximum Tar Filtration & Smooth Airflow

ANTI TAR® is a 3rd generation filter that found international success among smokers and has helped millions smoke in a more healthy manner.

It's a cutting edge 3rd generation that helps captures tar, nicotine, and other chemicals

It’s the ultimate weapon for quitting gradually, so you can slowly recover your body while enjoying guilt-free cigarettes.

ANTI TAR® doesn’t just mean safe smoking, it means a white and shiny smile, a more energetic and healthy body, and a much longer lifespan.

With the AT470, you can enjoy smoking with a good draw out of it…

And still get the "buzz".

Enjoy Smoking Without Feeling Guilty About All The Harm

It filters most of the tar, nicotine and other harmful chemicals…

… which makes smoking a little bit "healthier".

And best of all…

You get to enjoy the amazing taste of your cigarettes…

… without having to worry about the side effects of smoking.

If you smoke reds, you'll taste its signature full flavour along with thick smoke.

If you smoke lights, you'll taste its smoothness and creamy taste that some people love.

How Does It Work?

Regular cigarette filters use fibers that capture little of the harsh tar and chemicals in cigarette smoke.

ANTI TAR® uses a triple filtration system, the smoke is filtered and purified layer by layer:

1. Microporous filter
The first step in removing tar from smoke.

2. Nano filter beads.
Sterilization, separation, and purification of smoke and poison with nano-silver ions.

3. High fiber filter cotton.
Filter out fine particles from smoke.

This ingenious, clear, plastic filter helps reduce the junk that goes into your lungs, quieting that persistent and embarrassing smoker's cough.

And the best thing? Your draw will taste fresher..

People using ANTI TAR® see improvements in their health in. Here’s why...

A cigarette has over 7,000 chemicals, at least 250 are known to be harmful, and every time you inhale your body has to work super hard to produce phlegm for preventing infections – putting your body under this stress often translates into less energy, and a foggy brain.

It’s understandable, smoking really damages and every time you inhale tar and other chemicals go into your lungs – even worse, you share them with everyone around you.

Studies reveal that smoking harms your veins and blood flow, puts your heart at risk, ages your skin, makes your bones brittle, fogs your brain, destroys your lungs, ruins your teeth, and also kills your penis (yes! You might want to tell your husband).

Perhaps you already knew this, and you even tried quitting in the past…

But as it turns out, the hurdle becomes insurmountable as you get caught in the grip of addiction.

Best Cigarette Tar Filter

If your goal is to quit smoking, ANTI TAR® reduces the nicotine so that you can stop a lot easier.

Either way, using ANTI TAR® does not reduce the flavor or your smoking pleasure. You'll inhale as if there is no filter, and you can use it up to five times without it leaking. Plus, using the filter keeps your fingers, lips, and teeth a lot cleaner.

Want to smoke healthily or want to quit altogether?

ANTI TAR® is here for you.


5 Reasons to Smoke with ANTI TAR®:

  1. Comfortable - We use a clear, food-grade plastic with a smooth edge lining that's comfortable in your mouth.
  2. No Back Flow - Some tar filter brands leak, leaving an awful taste or stains. We designed our ANTI TAR® Filter to prevent backflow because it has our exclusive Anti Back Flow Barrier.
  3. Better Flavor - You get a more pleasurable smoke without all the harsh, bitter tar.
  4. Smooth Flow - We designed it with a rectangular opening to give you a smooth, easy puff as if you aren't using a filter. 

You have to smoke with it to feel the difference. If you find yourself short of breath more often, do yourself a favor and use these for just 5 days. Reduce your risk and feel the difference.

AT470 Triple Filtration Tar Filter

1 filter can be used for 5-6 x cigarettes

That’s the stuff that gets into your lungs after just 1 cigarette!

You may need to check the color of your lungs if you've been smoking for a while

Now you might wonder why tobacco companies don’t simply manufacture cigarette with stronger filters.

You could answer that there’s a fishy reason, and you’d be absolutely right.

Don’t wait any longer

Want To Try ANTI TAR® Risk-Free? 

Here's The Deal For Heavy Smokers.

Ready to enjoy smoking with 3rd gen filter? Don't wait. These filters are selling fast, and I don't want you to have any delays.

If you’re determined to change things up, show your loved ones that you care, then grab your filter below and enjoy HUGE SAVINGS up to 40% OFF and FREE shipping on all bundles.

Start smoking healthily Today and save thousands on medical expenses Tomorrow!

ANTI TAR TripleGuard 1 Box
ANTI TAR TripleGuard Bundle-6
ANTI TAR TripleGuard Bundle-3

ANTI TAR® TripleGuard Offers Exceptional Quality Along With 50 Filter Tips.

At just $33 per bottle, you're essentially paying only $0.66 per filter.

Now, here's where it gets even more impressive. Each filter can be reused up to 6-7 times, providing you with extended usage and value. This means that each time you use a single filter, it effectively costs you as little as a dime per cigarette.

Now, take a moment to let that sink in. For as little as a dime per cigarette, you can savor every puff with the knowledge that you're taking an active step towards preserving your health and well-being. The significance of this investment cannot be overstated.

But let's not forget about the convenience factor. With ANTI TAR® TripleGuard, you receive an ample supply of 50 filter tips in a single bottle. No more worrying about running out or constantly replenishing your stash. It's like having a treasure trove of satisfaction, right at your fingertips whenever you desire.

Let's have a moment of agreement, shall we? When you consider the long-term benefits to your health and happiness, investing a little more than a dime a cigarette is unquestionably a small price to pay. It's a decision that showcases your commitment to self-care and an investment in a brighter, smoke-filled future.

And for the Committed Folks Who Order the 3- Or 6-Box Packages…

I’m throwing in some mind-blowing bonuses too!

The first one is called:

Bonus #1:

A Super Convenient Carrying Case

Can you imagine the convenience and freedom that comes with having this handy case right in your pocket?

Now, let me ask you this: Are you tired of the hassle of searching for a safe place to store your filters? Are you fed up with running out of filters when you're out and about, craving a smoke? Well, worry no more! With our awesome carrying case, you can take your ANTI TAR® TripleGuard filters with you everywhere you go. Three additional filter tips will be right at your fingertips, ready to enhance your smoking experience at any moment!

  • Bundle-3 will get 1 Carrying Case (with 3 extra filters)
  • Bundle-6 will get 3 Carrying Cases (with 9 extra filters)

Just think about it: Picture yourself effortlessly popping a pack of cigarettes in your pocket alongside your sleek carrying case. You'll feel like a smoking superhero, always prepared and ready for action! No more fumbling around or feeling frustrated. With our bonus offer, you'll have everything you need for a satisfying smoke right at your side.

So, don't miss out on this fantastic deal. Grab Bundle-3 or Bundle-6 today and enjoy the ultimate convenience of having a dedicated carrying case with 3 extra filter tips. It's time to take your smoking experience to the next level!

But that’s not all…
I’m also going to include a second free gift called:

Bonus #2:

Revealed! The Single Unexpected Reason Why You Can't Quit Smoking!

Attention, smokers! Prepare to be blown away by our exclusive bonus offer! Get ready to uncover the secrets that have been holding you back from a smoke-free life!

Inside this captivating e-book, you'll discover:

  1. The Hidden Trigger: Learn the single most unexpected reason why quitting smoking seems impossible for many. Unravel the mystery that has eluded you for far too long and gain the power to break free from the smoking cycle.

  2. Expert Strategies: Explore expert-approved strategies and techniques that will empower you on your journey to becoming smoke-free. With practical tips and actionable steps, you'll gain the tools you need to overcome any obstacles in your path.

  3. Success Stories: Dive into inspiring success stories from individuals just like you who have triumphed over their smoking addiction. Let their stories ignite hope and motivate you to embark on your own transformative journey.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! Unlock the secrets to quitting smoking and reclaim control over your life. Purchase either Bundle-3 or Bundle-6 today and receive this empowering ebook as your bonus. Remember, a smoke-free future is within your grasp, and we're here to guide you every step of the way!

Real Smokers, Real Stories: How ANTI TAR® TripleGuard Transformed Their Smoking Experience

I’m not sure right now if we even have any ANTI TAR® in stock at the time you’re reading this.

Below, you’re either going to see 3 options to order ANTI TAR® below...

... or you’ll see a sign-up form to get on a waitlist, that means we’ve run out of inventory.

And unfortunately, we can’t help you.

However, if you do see four ordering options, it means we still have some in stock.

So as it Stands,
You Have 3 Choices Right Now.


You can do nothing at all and continue to smoke without any protection, at your current stage and do nothing about it, which could lead to more health problems for you.

Beware the danger of tar!


You can quit smoking, cold turkey method is the most ideal way.

Even though you may experience withdrawal symptoms short term, you may get health improvement

And that’s WONDERFUL.

I want you to get better and live a longer and fuller life.

And then there’s ...


Try ANTI TAR® without risk…

Try it for at least one weeks. It is so easy to use.

You will fell the difference.
Don’t wait any longer

ANTI TAR TripleGuard 1 Box
ANTI TAR TripleGuard Bundle-6
ANTI TAR TripleGuard Bundle-3

Still Here? Still Making Your Decision?

As you can imagine, I get a lot of questions about this breakthrough filter because it’s causing so much controversy right now.

So let me just answer some of the most common questions people have. Hopefully. I’ll answer any questions you might have as you’re sitting there making your decision.


Yes, and it’s undeniable! You can see tar building up immediately inside our filter. There are plenty of benefits for incorporating filters with your smoking habit. The primary and main benefit concerns your health, preventing tar from reaching your lungs means better breathing, support healthy respiratory and more energy. That’s not all, you can enjoy a whiter smile, get rid of stains from your fingers, and even quit, if you want to.



Our filters are manufactured with high-rated and safe plastic: Polyethylene (PE) plastic + Polystyrene (PS) plastic + Silica Gel (Food Grade).


Yes, ANTI TAR® is totally safe. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.



It varies depending on cigarette brand, cigarette type, and even personal smoking style. You can see how much tar builds up inside filter directly, this is how much tar is blocked from reaching your lungs. Which is astonishing, even for us!



No, and that’s what makes ANTI TAR® so successful! ANTI TAR® filters are designed to only capture tar and do not affect your smoking experience.



Generally, you should not notice any difference. ANTI TAR® wide vent aims at keeping the airflow as natural as possible.



Our brand name is our bond. While other big brands use 1st-generation filters, we invest in producing 3rd-generation filters that are much more effective and don’t ruin the smoking experience as much.


3rd Generation filters are 3 times as effective as 1st generation filters. Not only that, the design has a wider vent and a smoother suction, making it easier to inhale and more comfortable on your lips.


ANTI TAR® filters will fit the following:
  • Regular cigarettes (8mm)
  • Roller cigarettes (8mm)
  • Slim cigarettes (6mm) - converters provided
  • Super slim cigarettes (5mm) - converters provided
  • Small rolls & joints (8mm and under)
  • King size cigarettes (9mm) won't fit, but you can still insert and use if you pinch slightly.

It will NOT with the following:
  • Joints and blunts (10mm).
  • Large roll (12mm). 


Although ANTI TAR® captures most of the tar, the best thing you can do is quit smoking. If your health is unstable, we highly suggest seeing a doctor as soon as possible.


Those are the most common questions I get about ANTI TAR®

Hopefully, your question was answered there.

But if you’re still wondering if it’s right for you honestly, the only way to find out now is to claim your desired package by clicking on one of the four buttons below and completing your secure order.

Try it out.

Feel the changes and then decide to keep it. Isn’t it just better to find out now rather than wondering "what if?" for the rest of your life? Remember, you can not buy back time!

Your body and your health is all you really have and your enjoyment of life and the world around you is based on how you feel.

How can you feel good if you breathe in nasty tar and over 7,000 toxic chemicals that disrupt your body's internal balance?

It’s no wonder why smokers don’t feel healthy and alive like they used to.

There’s an imbalance. It’s not natural to feel crappy, guilt, stress, headache and frustration all the time.

Life is short.

How many great healthy years do you really have left? I can’t promise this will put years on your life.

No one can.

But it will put life into your years. There’s not many things you can buy for just for at this low cost that will do so much for you.

this is the only option really that makes any sense at all, which is to simply try ANTI TAR®, to help prevent dangerous toxic tar flow inside your body, better breathing, support healthy respiratory, a white and shiny smile, a more energetic and healthy body, and a much longer lifespan.

You don’t know what it’s like to

Enjoy the pleasure of smoking without all the harms smoking brings to your internal body

Imagine smoking without feeling guilty or worried from loved one and ready to take on the world and all the opportunities life has to offer.

Go ahead and click the button below and pick from four money saving options.

Remember, you’re fully protected by our 365-day guarantee and you’ll love how it makes you feel.

If you don’t notice any difference smoking without tar and changes in your body just give us a call or send us an email and we’ll refund your purchase in full.

Just send the bottles back, even if they’re empty.

You really have nothing to lose and you’re going to love ANTI TAR®.

ANTI TAR TripleGuard 1 Box
ANTI TAR TripleGuard Bundle-6
ANTI TAR TripleGuard Bundle-3

Try ANTI TAR® now and feel the changes!

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