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2021 NEW LAUNCH - Be the first one to promote!

ANTI TAR is 3rd gen cigarette filter whereas most of cigarette filter available in the market is only gen 1 filter.

In US alone, estimated 34.1 million adults currently smoke cigarettes and at least half of them experienced health related issue due to tar from smoking. This is a huge untapped market with high converting offers!

Get commission from all front sales, subscription, upsell/downsell. 

✔ Get 30% Commissions on whole funnel!

✔️ Get maximum $63 per sales from sales & upsell/downsell

✔️ Get maximum $24.3/mo from subscription as long as customer subscribe

✔️ A lot of positive 5 star testimony from satisfied customer!

✔️ High repurchase rate 20% customer come back!

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