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NEW 3-Stage Cigarette Tar Filter That:

  • Eliminates disgusting tar
  • Does not diminish the flavor
  • Stop smoker's cough in 5 days or less
  • Provides a smoother hit, not as rough
  • More comfortable in your mouth
  • No more stained fingers or lips
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    adam wilson

    I seriously felt the difference in 1 day

    This is a fantastic product. I was starting to have a morning cough, phlemn and some restricted breathing. It started to worry me. I smoke 1 packet per day. I found Antitar online and after ordering, it arrived in less than 24hrs.

    I seriously felt the difference in 1 day. After 3 days my cough and phlemn had disappeared. On the 4th day I could feel the air filling my lungs with every breath. Removing the tar makes a HUGE difference.

    I couldn’t believe it so I researched independently and it’s all true what I was experiencing.

    There was no difference in taste, smoke or airflow by using the Antitar filters. Being able to see the amount of tar removed is also a big incentive (my wife mentioned her father using Gen1 filters that weren’t clear and had to be manually cleaned).

    Thank you Antitar. You may have just saved my life!

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