ANTI TAR® AT470 Triple Filtration Cigarette FiltersANTI TAR® AT470 Triple Filtration Cigarette Filters
ANTI TAR® AT470 Triple Filtration Cigarette Filters Tar Block Holder
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ANTI TAR® AT470 Triple Filtration Cigarette Filters Tar Block Holder

$35.00$288.00 or subscribe and save 10%

Tired of low-quality cigarette filters? ANTI TAR® is a new lifestyle brand producing very high quality and efficient cigarette filters made in Singapore. They reduce the harmful tar and nicotine by 90% and leave other flavor and taste components intact, resulting in a better smooth smoking experience.

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The Healthier Way To Enjoy Smoking

A Filter Like No Other - AT470 Triple Tar Filtration Cigarette Filters

Combining Maximum Tar Filtration & Smooth Airflow

ANTI TAR AT470 Triple Tar Filtration Cigarette Filter

AT470 three layer cigarette filters comes from a place of passion, attention to detail, and care. It was designed to be at the forefront of Filtering Technology – Its perfect airflow, big storage tank, smooth suction, and solid leverage of the venturi principle makes AT470 what is possibly the best cigarette filters currently available on the market, at an extremely affordable price.

ANTI TAR Cigarette Filters

Suitable For Standard And Slim Size

*Free Slim Converters Provided With Bundles

Standard Size Fit (8mm)

AT470 Triple Filtration Cigarette Filters for regular size (8mm)

Slim Size Fit (5-6mm) 

AT470 Triple Filtration Cigarette Filters for slim size (6mm)

What Makes ANTI TAR® Cigarette Filters Safe To Use

To ensure the quality of our products, we undergo thorough quality control, inspecting and sanitizing each filter with love. It is very important to us that you continue to receive outstanding product and satisfaction for many years to come.

Highest Quality On The Market

Free of Impurities

Crystal Clear Texture

Food Grade Plastic & Lab Approved

With every puff, you are inhaling over 7,000 toxins and your body has to work super hard to produce phlegm and prevent infections – putting your body under this much stress often translates into less energy, a foggy brain, and long-term diseases.

ANTI TAR® is the ultimate weapon for smoking healthily, so you can slowly recover your body while enjoying guilt-free cigarettes.


Filter Comparison


ANTI TAR AT470 Triple Tar Filtration Cigarette Filters


Filtration layer

❌ 1st Generation

✅ 3rd Generation (Latest Technology)

Filtration Technology

Filtration Effectiveness

Filter quality

❌ Cheap unhealthy plastic

✅ Premium Quality - Food Grade Plastic
Lab Tested & Approved

Mouth Vent

❌ Tiny Vent - Slower Suction

❌ Uncomfortable and Slips Easily

✅ Wider Vent - Smoother Suction

✅ Anti-slip and Comfortable to Bite

Cigarettes per filter

8-20 Cigarettes

Most brands don’t capture enough tar, nicotine, or other toxins. They’re simply there to ruin your smoking experience.

5-6 Cigarettes

Notice how fewer cigarettes can be filtered despite the bigger storage tank. This is by far the best indicator of high-quality filters.

Buy More Save More!

Enjoy Huge Savings As Low As $24/ Box Only

1 box


ANTI TAR® AT470 Triple Filtration Cigarette Filters

Per Bottle


$49 $35 (SAVE $14)

Money-Back Guarantee

1-Month Supply For Light Smokers - 10 Cigarettes a Day

  • 1 Box (50 Filters)
  • Up To 300 Cigarettes (1 Filter For 5-6 Cigs)
  • FREE 5 Slim Size Converters
ANTI TAR® AT470 Triple Filtration Cigarette Filter Tips

Per Bottle


$98 $64 (SAVE $34)

Money-Back Guarantee

1-Month Supply For Heavy Smokers - A Pack a Day

  • 2 Boxes (100 Filters)
  • Up To 600 Cigarettes (1 Filter For 5-6 Cigs)
  • FREE Carrying Case (3 Filters)
  • FREE 10 Slim Size Converters

Most Popular

ANTI TAR® AT470 Triple Filtration Cigarette Filter

Per Bottle


$196 $116 (SAVE $80)

Money-Back Guarantee

2-Month Supply For Heavy Smokers - A Pack a Day

4-Month Supply For Light Smokers - 10 Cigarettes a Day

  • 4 Boxes (200 Filters)
  • Up To 1,200 Cigarettes (1 Filter For 5-6 Cigs)
  • FREE 2 Carrying Cases (6 Filters)
  • FREE 20 Slim Size Converters

Best Value

ANTI TAR® AT470 Triple Filtration Smoking Filters

Per Bottle


$294 $156 (SAVE $138)

Money-Back Guarantee

3-Month Supply For Heavy Smokers - A Pack a Day

6-Month Supply For Light Smokers - 10 Cigarettes a Day

  • 6 Boxes (300 Filters)
  • Up To 1,800 Cigarettes (1 Filter For 5-6 Cigs)
  • FREE 3 Carrying Cases (9 Filters)
  • FREE 30 Slim Size Converters

Here’s Why You Should Seriously Consider Buying 6 Boxes At A Discounted Price

Original 6 boxes price stands at $294. Since we get to save a lot when shipping bulk orders, we feel it’s only fair to pass the savings on to you!

This is why you can enjoy 6 boxes (3-month supply for a pack-a-day smoker) for just $156 when you order today.

Buy 1 Box

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  • Original Price $49 $35 (Save $14)
  • $35/box
  • Original Price $196 $116 (Save $80)
  • $29/box + Free bonuses
  • Original Price $294 $156 (Save $138)
  • $26/box + Free bonuses

Prevent Tar From Reaching Your Lungs

Our primary goal is to provide a filter that prevents tar from reaching your lungs and at the same time encourage you to quit smoking. Most of our customers with bad health report feeling better in as low as 5 days of using the product!

Enhance Your Smoking Experience

This is our secondary goal, as much as we want you to achieve the pleasure of quitting, it comes down to your personal preference. While many of our customers are looking to quit smoking, many like to compromise by smoking less and more healthily.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you haven’t made up your mind yet, know that your order is protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee. We want you to love ANTI TAR®, however, if you don’t adapt to our filter, or find that they are not right for you, you can simply reach out to us and we’ll refund your whole order (including shipping), no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, and it’s undeniable! There are plenty of benefits for incorporating filters with your smoking habit. The primary and main benefit concerns your health, preventing tar and toxins from reaching your lungs means no more coughing, better breathing, and more energy. That’s not all, you can enjoy a whiter smile, get rid of stains from your fingers, and even quit, if you want to.


Our filters are manufactured with high-rated and safe plastic: Polyethylene (PE) plastic + Polystyrene (PS) plastic + Silica Gel (Food Grade).


Yes, ANTI TAR® is totally safe. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.


ANTI TAR® leverages the Venturi Principle and latest filtering technology to manipulate the airflow and trap harmful substances inside the storage tank.


It varies depending on cigarette brand, cigarette type, and even personal smoking style. However, we have conducted tests and in most cases over 90% of tar is captured. Which is astonishing, even for us!


No, and that’s what makes ANTI TAR® so successful! ANTI TAR® filters are designed to only capture tar and do not affect your smoking experience.


Generally, you should not notice any difference. ANTI TAR® wide vent aims at keeping the airflow as natural as possible.


Our brand name is our bond. While other big brands such as TarGard, Nic-Out, TarBar, and TarBlock use 1st-generation filters, we invest in producing 3rd-generation filters that are much more effective and don’t ruin the smoking experience as much.


3rd Generation filters are 3 times as effective as 1st generation filters. Not only that, the design has a wider vent and a smoother suction, making it easier to inhale and more comfortable on your lips.


ANTI TAR® filters will fit the following:

  • Regular cigarettes (8mm)
  • Roller cigarettes (8mm)
  • Slim cigarettes (6mm) - converters provided
  • Super slim cigarettes (5mm) - converters provided
  • Small rolls & joints (8mm and under)
  • King size cigarettes (9mm) won't fit, but you can still insert and use if you pinch slightly.

It will NOT with the following:

  • Joints and blunts (10mm)
  • Large roll (12mm)


Although ANTI TAR® captures most of the tar, the best thing you can do is quit smoking. If your health is unstable, we highly suggest seeing a doctor as soon as possible.


Yes! Same as cigarettes, there is tar that needs to be captured. Do not worry, using this filter won't impair your smoking experience.


44 reviews for ANTI TAR® AT470 Triple Filtration Cigarette Filters Tar Block Holder

Based on 44 reviews
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  1. Damien M. (verified owner)

    I am delighted to have discovered anti far the most superior filter on the market.
    Amazed how much tar etc they trap now I can enjoy smoking the healthy way
    100 per cent recommend….will not use competition

  2. Rebecca P. (verified owner)

    They actually helped clear out my lungs. I tried a cheaper brand for awhile and they didn’t work near as well. I went back to anti tar. Now if I try to smoke without them, it makes me choke. Thats how you know it works. I only wish they weren’t so expensive but they are the best..

  3. Carol A S. Silver Member (verified owner)

    I have been using these filters for at least two years, I have lost the embarrassing cough in public. I do not cough in the morning. I can breathe much better. After a couple of years of using, if I don’t have a filter, then I will not smoke a cigarette. These filters are a miracle. When I see what is in them after 5 cigarettes, I am amazed at what used to go into my lungs that does not anymore!!!!!! I will never smoke another cigarette without your filter. It is my new way of life. They Really work, and many thanks! Carol

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    These filters really work.

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    These filters work better than any other I have used.

  6. JoAnn G. (verified owner)

    Love the product hate the price. It does definitely work to get rid of cough though.

  7. Ginny (verified owner)

    A wonderful product. Does what it is says. So glad I found. Would have given 5 stars if the rating buttons would have activated.🥰

  8. Tiphany M. (verified owner)

    I have used many different kinds of filters, but Anti Tar are by far the best ones! They are MUCH longer lasting and really remove the tar! When I first started using them, I developed a cough that lasted about 2 weeks and expelled a lot of mucus. My doctor informed me this was because I was smoking less, my lungs were clearing out the tar build up. Now, I’m breathing much better, they sound clear when she put the stethoscope on me. Because I’m a long time smoker, I will have a cough for awhile, but it’s a good cough.
    I HIGHLY recommend these filters because they WORK! I will be buying more until I finally can quit for good. Thank you for such a great product!

  9. Nicolette Ramirez (verified owner)

    I have been looking for a product for a while now since I’m younger and have had a hard time quitting and am at the point of being scared (this helps me) the amount of stuff taken out of even just 1 cigarette is insane. I haven’t just purchased 1 time. I have purchased multiple times. I’m not even one to leave a review but I’m about to purchase again and PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW this product is AMAZING!!!

  10. Alex B (verified owner)

    It’s great! Coughing stopped and slow and easy burn. I like the way I can see the beads getting dirty lol

  11. jacqueline d. (verified owner)

    Excellent product

  12. Carol (verified owner)

    I’m still using anti tar . The first few help with getting rid of the tar and nicotine. I am having trouble quitting completely though. I’m hoping for a stronger filter in the future

  13. Susan Mosley (verified owner)

    So far so good.

  14. Joanne (verified owner)

    Antitar works great!! It’s obvious how much the filters are stopping from going into your lungs. Has to help. I’m on my first order but loving them so far! Smoother smoke!

  15. Rebecca P. (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough about these. I went from using a nebulizer 6-7 times a day to not using it in 3 days now. Doesn’t ruin the cigarette at all.. Its hard to believe it filters out so much when its seems the same to smoke.

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The best cigarette filter I’ve used. Collects a lot of tar. The best for me are the triple acting filters. Very pleased.

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Five stars. Much higher quality than the ones sold at the tobacco shops.

  18. Rebecca P. (verified owner)

    I’ve noticed I do cough less, but still smoke as much as I did. I’m a very heavy smoker unfortunately but I do think it’s causing less damage. Not using my nebulizer as much.

  19. Barbara C. (verified owner)

    They work to reduce tar, nicotine and other pulmonary irritants. Now cigarettes taste harsh if I do not use one.

  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

    These work great. My cough has decreased considerably! Breathing much easier now.

  21. Greg Holland (verified owner)

    Wow, very impressed. I suffer from asthma and have been smoking for 45 years. With in first day I noticed a difference. Within 1 week, my coughing/flem have been reduced by 75%. Great product if your will power is not strong enough to quit smoking. My only complaint is some filters lack quality control for they are half plugged and will not draw smoke. But most work well.

  22. Shane (verified owner)

    I like them so much that I’m leaving a review lol. These things pull very smooth, and jeez when you see all that tar it pulls, you will never look back at traditional filters.

  23. Catherine (verified owner)

    Really work well. I’ve tried others and these are far superior

  24. Erez c. Silver Member (verified owner)

    great product love it

  25. Richard Kranovich (verified owner)

    I bought these filters for my daughter who is a heavy smoker. She seems quite satisfied with the product as she has started smoking less. For my part, I am glad that a good percentage of the cigarette tar and nicotine do not
    enter her lungs. Yes, I would recommend this product!

  26. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Anti tar do just what they claim to do . I only smoke a herbal cigarette with no tobacco or nicotine from an English producer but am still concerned about tar . These give cigarette a clean tasting smoke and I liked the fact I could see the tar collected immediately.
    Also arrived in a timely manner .

  27. Lukas B. (verified owner)

    These are the best tar filters on the market. I’ve tried many, but these have good airflow combined with powerful filtration. Excellent, really.

  28. Brandon (verified owner)

    After a couple of uses I felt lighter. I wasn’t getting all the harshness and chemicals the come with a cigarette. I do think this product is worth the money. Thank you for inventing something useful for humans with cigarette addiction.

  29. Jennifer (verified owner)

    These filters are amazing! I have been using them for a couple of months, and while I still smoke the same amount, my annoying smokers cough has almost disappeared and I can breathe so much easier!! They also work great for joints, you will be surprised how much tar is hiding in those. Thank you for a great product, I will be a customer for a long time.

  30. Teresa C. (verified owner)

    I have been using these now for about a week and a half. I smoked a pack a day and have copd. I was using a cheaper tar filter on amazon for about 6 months and you can see tar in them but still felt like they were not doing much. With antitar triple filtration after 11 days of use so far I honestly feel like it is making a difference. I went from 20 to 16 cigarettes a day and it still feels like I’m getting the pleasures from smoking. Hope to smoke less and less but until I do I feel better. I Use 1 filter for 8 cigarettes not 5 or 6. I do not inhale real hard and I believe they do fine at 8. Very glad I found these and do not smoke even 1 without it!

  31. Jo An Brown Bronze Member (verified owner)

    I have just received my second order of the anti-tar triple filters. I have to say that I was so impressed with my first order because I am breathing so much better. Even though I have chronic bronchitis I have smoked a pack a day for literally years. And because of these filters I am breathing so much easier that they even motivated me to cut back from one pack a day to a half a pack a day. Would recommend these to anyone having a breathing problem from smoking.

  32. Pont (store manager)

    Very good. Thank u for the great product!

    Image #1 from Pont
  33. Shyda (store manager)

    This is so good cant feel the tar so much when smoke

    Image #1 from Shyda
  34. Jo An Brown (verified owner)

    I am shocked to see how much tar and nicotine this filter catches in just five to six cigarettes

  35. Rose P. (verified owner)

    It does a lot better job than Tarbar and I will continue to use this product.

  36. Sondra (store manager)

    I really like your product and wouldn’t have reordered unless they really help. You can put me down as a satisfied customer who cannot stop smoking and it has helped me to reduce my daily habit

  37. Faiz Rosli (store manager)

    For past 10 years i’ve been using cigg filter. By far this is the best, great taste, great tar filtration. Always feel satisfied after every puffs. For most of my friends that i recommend to use filter,they disagree and say that its not satisfying. But when they tried ANTITAR they are amazed with the taste and the amount of tar it can filtered. Honestly i dont even smoke if i cant get the hand of ANTITAR. Its just taste weird.Better still, its FREE DELIVERY!

  38. Mary Yb (store manager)

    You told me yesterday to keep the filters you sent, although I had to return them. So I opened them up and used one yesterday. I could hardly believe what I saw after just 4 ULTRA-LITE cigarettes. It was shocking to see what each of the three filters included in the tip filtered out. Just incredible. I understand now why they are rather expensive, because they are—just worth it! It must cost your company a LOT to produce such an efficient filter. It will be hard to go back to the other basic just-tar single action filters. If I weren’t 71 years old, I would seriously consider quitting or only relying on your filters no matter what corners I had to cut to do so. They were everything you said they would be. They drew easily, gave me plenty of smoke to exhale, trapped unbelievable amount of crud. I will be your best advertisement from now on, literally show people the filter(s) I have used. I am positive you will be getting some orders from friends of mine who can afford the cost. Again, thank you so much for letting me keep the ones you sent. Maybe you will hear from me again!

  39. Anonymous (store manager)

    Good to filter out the tar without affect the taste.

  40. Sam Dean (verified owner)

    It has helped me cut down on the tar that cig have. It shows me what was going into my lungs!

  41. Sam Dean (verified owner)

    These take a lot of the tar out of my Ultra lights and does not change the flavor!

  42. Ross (verified owner)

    Best filter i have seen

  43. Craig (verified owner)

    It works as advertised,pleased with the results

  44. Adam Wilson (store manager)

    This is a fantastic product. I was starting to have a morning cough, phlemn and some restricted breathing. It started to worry me. I smoke 1 packet per day. I found Antitar online and after ordering, it arrived in less than 24hrs.

    I seriously felt the difference in 1 day. After 3 days my cough and phlemn had disappeared. On the 4th day I could feel the air filling my lungs with every breath. Removing the tar makes a HUGE difference.

    I couldn’t believe it so I researched independently and it’s all true what I was experiencing.

    There was no difference in taste, smoke or airflow by using the Antitar filters. Being able to see the amount of tar removed is also a big incentive (my wife mentioned her father using Gen1 filters that weren’t clear and had to be manually cleaned).

    Thank you Antitar. You may have just saved my life!

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