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ANTI TAR® vs. TarBar: Which Cigarette Filter Reigns Supreme?

ANTI TAR® vs TarBar

Hey there, fellow smokers! If you're searching for a reliable cigarette filter that helps reduce the amount of tar and nicotine you inhale without ruining the taste, you've come to the right place. With so many cigarette filter brands out there, picking the best one for you can be quite a task. Don't worry - we've got your back! In this blog post, we're comparing two popular brands, ANTI TAR® and TarBar disposable filters, to make your decision a whole lot easier. We'll cover their features, what customers have to say, and weigh the pros and cons to help you choose the best filter for your needs.

Tar Bar Cigarette Filter:

Tar Bar Cigarette Filter
  • 1st generation cigarette filters that aim to reduce tar, nicotine, and other harmful chemicals
  • Claims not to change the taste of your cigarette
  • Helps reduce yellow staining of teeth and protects your gums
  • Each filter lasts for about 3-7 cigarettes
  • Customer Reviews:

    Positive Tar Bar Reviews:

    1. Some customers discovered that airing the filters out for 15-30 minutes before use eliminates an initial odd smell or taste.
    2. A few users proudly reported success in quitting smoking after using TarBar filters.
    3. Some folks appreciate that TarBar filters help cut down the amount of tar entering their lungs, although they admit it's not a complete protection.

    Negative Tar Bar Reviews:

    1. Quite a few customers reported a high percentage of defective filters in their orders, rendering some unusable.
    2. A handful of users complained about a peculiar taste and smell associated with the filters.
    3. Some customers mentioned that the filters only last for 2 cigarettes before needing a replacement.

    ANTI TAR® Cigarette Filter:

    ANTI TAR TripleGuard Cigarette Filter
  • Boasts advanced filtration technology to effectively minimize tar and nicotine inhalation
  • Expertly designed to keep the original taste and flavor of your cigarette intact
  • Eco-friendly, biodegradable, and BPA-free for a guilt-free smoking experience
  • Each filter lasts up to a fantastic 10 cigarettes
  • Versatile and compatible with various cigarette sizes and types, including roll-your-own smokes
  • Comparison:

    Filter Comparison

    tarbar tartrap targuard nicout


    at470 600

    ANTI TAR® TripleGuard

    Filtration layer

    ❌ 1st Generation

    ✅ 3rd Generation (Latest Technology)

    Filtration Technology

    filter single optimized
    filter tripple 200b

    Filtration Effectiveness

    Filter quality

    ❌ Cheap unhealthy plastic

    ✅ Premium Quality - Food Grade Plastic
    Lab Tested & Approved

    Mouth Vent

    ❌ Tiny Vent - Slower Suction

    ❌ Uncomfortable and Slips Easily

    mouth other optimized

    ✅ Wider Vent - Smoother Suction

    ✅ Anti-slip and Comfortable to Bite

    at470 mouth 200

    Cigarettes per filter

    8-20 Cigarettes

    Most brands don’t capture enough tar, nicotine, or other toxins. They’re simply there to ruin your smoking experience.

    5-6 Cigarettes

    Notice how fewer cigarettes can be filtered despite the bigger storage tank. This is by far the best indicator of high-quality filters.


    It's clear as day that while both ANTI TAR® and TarBar filters aim to lessen the harmful effects of smoking, ANTI TAR® has several significant advantages over TarBar. With cutting-edge filtration technology, eco-friendly materials, and longer-lasting filters, ANTI TAR® offers a superior and dependable solution for smokers.

    Moreover, customer reviews suggest that ANTI TAR® filters are less likely to have issues with taste, smell, or defects compared to TarBar filters. So, if you're on the hunt for a trusty and efficient cigarette filter, ANTI TAR® is the undisputed winner in this face-off of cigarette filters. Give ANTI TAR® a try and make a positive change in your smoking habits today!

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