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We are a brand which has been born to protect millions of people who cant quit smoking from dangerous tar

Why we build AntiTar brand

Background Story

In 2006 and 20011, I have witness my 2 uncles died due to smoking. They died in so much pain with difficulty to breath and coughing non stop,  their lung has been destroyed by years of smoking. Even oxigen supply from hospital doesnt help at all. Both died in vain from multiple lung diseases with no one can help. 

Look at recent article in 2019 on dailymail uk reveals how doctor shows black lungs filled tar from 30 years smoker here, his case more or less similar to my 2 uncles.

My 3rd uncle, which is a heavy smoker as well, witness how tragic his brother’s few last days in hospital, swear that he will stop smoking upon seeing the end result of smoking. But alas, his motivation only last a week and back to daily smoking again. He said it cant be help, he cant quit.

World's Statistic shows

Only 3% Smokers Are Able To Quit

Quit smoking is not as easy as what we non-smoker think. Statistic shows that only 3% able to quit smoking, how about the 97% that cant quit or not willing to quit?

I understand some smoker simply doesnt want to quit, it is their choice. But I do not wish their last few days on earth in vain just like my 2 uncles.

Start Now or Regret Later

The Healthier Way to Enjoy Smoking

That’s why AntiTar is born to protect the 97% smokers from dangerous tar causing various lung diseases. 

Will AntiTar guaranteed protect you? Unfortunately no, the safest way is to really stop smoking completely, but while you’re in transition of smoking cessation, AntiTar will be able to help protect you while you can still enjoy smoking.

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Can't smoke without one anymore! You can smoke 2-3 American Spirits with it before it fills up with tar all the way. Can't believe that was saved from being in my lungs... Can only smoke 2-3 if it's in a row. Otherwise, the tar will harden and you can't pull from it. So it's more like a one-and-done sort of deal, but at 19 cents a pop, whatever. I don't feel like quitting, but I might as well make it as healthy as I can!
New York
If you sit through 2 full uses of the filters you will freak out at all the tar they catch from going into your lungs. Crazy thing is you will still taste the cigarette without as much harshness. I did have to throw a few away that wouldn't draw but it was worth it. Within a week of the time I faithfully used these I slept better, had more energy, coughed less, breathed better all day and slept better at night. I didn't even have a reason to quit really...but I plan to.
Oslo, Norway
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