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ANTI TAR® Cigarette Filters

Discovering the Best Cigarette Filters on the Market: ANTI TAR® Leads the Way

ANTI TAR® Cigarette Filters Welcome to the world of cigarette filters! If you’re a smoker, you know that finding the right tar filter can make all the difference in your smoking experience. You may have tried different types of filter tips in the past, but have you ever heard of 3rd generation filters?That’s right, we’re […]

Smoke without the guilt (here’s how)

Tired of low-quality filters? ANTI TAR® is a new lifestyle brand producing very high quality and efficient cigarette filters made in Singapore. They reduce the harmful tar and nicotine by 90% and leave other flavor and taste components intact, resulting in a better smooth smoking experience.

You + this filter = the safest smoking experience?

What if smoking was only fun and games and we never had to worry about the horrors it brings along?A man can only imagine!I know you might have used old-school filters before or tried vaping just so you can save yourself from the lethal effects of smoking…But let’s be real here…Smoking just doesn’t feel the […]

AT300 Mini Filter 3rd Generation

A lifeline for your smokers’ lungs

ANTI TAR exclusive offer inside!Back when smoking was thought to be safe and free of side effects.I remember thinking to myself:“This is cool!”Decades went by and by the time we realized what smoking really was, it was already too late…In those booming years, tobacco companies were injecting 20 times the recommended nicotine amount and doctors […]

Who said smoking has to be unhealthy?

Who said smoking has to be unhealthy?By now it’s common knowledge that smoking is unhealthy…… and I’m not going to hammer you with the next pitch of why smoking sucks and why you should quit. Instead, I’m going to introduce you to a solution that goes completely against the grain…A solution that allows you to […]

Do NOT smoke another cigarette until you read this

Do you ever think you could quit smoking and be healthy again?If you care about your well-being – and you’re tired of old, ineffective advice on how to quit smoking – this may well be the most important email you read this year.Studies revealed that the average smoker breeds in almost a quart of tar, […]

AT470 Triple Filtration Tar Filter

How smokers get all the flavor, smoother hits, and 90% less tar

Are your cigarettes tasting a bit harsh lately? Are you coughing more than usual?Most likely, it’s the tar.If you smoke filtered cigarettes, the filter tip does little more than keep tobacco out of your mouth. They do little to filter out the bitter, staining tar.Let’s change that, starting this week.I’ve created, in my humble opinion, […]

Not ready to quit smoking? Enhance your experience with this.

Whether you can’t stop smoking or don’t want to, the Anti Tar filter will enhance your smoking experience. This ingenious, clear, plastic filter removes 90% of the smoke’s tar and toxic substances. It helps reduce the junk that goes into your lungs, quieting that persistent and embarrassing smoker’s cough. We have many customers who stopped their […]

Cigarette Filters Exposed

Cigarette Filters Exposed

Yes, cigarettes are unhealthy. We get it. But smoking is relaxing and even inspirational at times. Unfortunately, if you are a long-term smoker, it can affect your family and professional life. My uncle, a heavy smoker, died at age 50. That upsetting time inspired me to come up with a better, safer way to smoke. We’ve […]

vape better than smoking cigarette?

Which One Is The Most Harmful Between Cigarette, Vape, and Hookah?

Sometimes, you just miss your friends and you want to see them. So you make plans with them. There’s a ton of things that are fun to do in a group setting such as hookah/shisha, vape or just regular cigarette smoking. But they are all bad for you. Hookah is not a safe alternative compared to […]

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