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Cigarette Filters Exposed

Yes, cigarettes are unhealthy. We get it. But smoking is relaxing and even inspirational at times. Unfortunately, if you are a long-term smoker, it can affect your family and professional life. My uncle, a heavy smoker, died at age 50. That upsetting time inspired me to come up with a better, safer way to smoke. 

We've all been told that filtered cigarettes were the way to go. They are supposed to filter out most of the tar. As I started doing some research, I found out that...

What you don't know about cigarette filters can kill you... eventually.

Back in the day (sometime in the 1950s), the trend was to smoke. Kinda like how it’s the trend to vape now. But because of the health hazards which researchers pinpoint to cigarettes, cigarette companies were eager to make cigarettes ‘healthier’. Thus, cigarette filters were created to reduce health hazards according to this study. Tobacco companies have searched for a way to improve filters that would cut tar by 50% without having to suck like you're drinking a thick milkshake through a straw.

Cigarette Filters Exposed

The Less Known Fact About Cigarette Filters 

However, cigarette companies changed their minds cause the harmful components of cigarettes are what makes you hook to it. When you’re addicted to it, you’d just keep buying cigarettes and that’s their income. So they reduce the filtering properties of cigarette filters, making them pointless. Well, except as their marketing purpose tool. 

Their choice was a synthetic fiber called Cellulose Acetate. 95% of all cigarettes today use it, but it can filter only between 15% to 30% of the tar, depending on the "vents" added to the filter paper. Fewer vents mean a harder pull, but more tar filtered out. Smokers tend to puff vented cigarettes harder to obtain 'satisfaction.'

A few years ago. I got fed up with the lies of Big Tobacco. After two earlier versions, I've developed the best cigarette filter on the market. It's the Anti Tar 3rd Generation Tar Filter.
The Anti Tar filter has built-in features that remove 90% of the tar particles in smoke without puffing your brains out. You get all the flavor and enjoyment from smoking without all the cough-causing tar, fewer toxins, and lower nicotine.

We’ve got to be honest with you. Our filters don’t have the ability to reduce the nicotine you inhale. Nobody in the market has that technology right now. But cigarette filters for tar do exist. Having less tar inhaled means you’d be having healthier lungs sooner.  Unlike Peter Parker, you’d be feeling good when you can breathe without any difficulties. 

Imagine how wonderful it’d be waking up in the morning without the annoying coughs? Well, you’re in luck because we do have a solution for that. Our Anti Tar™ AT300 is an upgrade from what’s available in the market. 

Let us explain. 

Compared to other brands, our tar filtration technology is superior because the cartridge will be filled with tar between 2-3 sticks of cigarettes. In contrast, other brands may take around 8 sticks which shows that it isn’t as effective. 

We’re also invested in producing better quality filters which is why we’re excited to unveil the third generation filter! Our Anti Tar™ AT470  has a bigger storage tank enabling you to use it longer! Give it a go and enjoy our 15% discount right now. 

If you’re wondering why would these cartridges make you want to quit, you’d be seeing the filter change color to black so quickly, you would be disgusted and get put off with smoking. 

PS: We know you’re busy and sometimes would forget to repurchase when you finish the filters. So, we’re offering a 10% off and to sweeten the deal, we will ship them to you for free! Check how much you save here.

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