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Lung Smokers ‘Heaven’ For Corona Virus COVID-19

Coronavirus is now a pandemic, according to the World Health Organization, and Smokers appear to be at higher risk from the coronavirus than nonsmokers, Dr. Yael Bar-Zeev, chair of the Israeli Medical Association for Smoking Cessation and Prevention, said Sunday.

A public health physician at Hebrew University’s Braun School of Public Health and Community Health, wrote, “Here’s what we already know: In a small study of about 80 corona patients, those who smoked were 14 times more likely to have serious illness.

Lung Smokers Heaven For Corona Virus COVID-19

Watch out! Smokers Are More Vulnerable To Corona Virus

In line with Dr. Yael Bar-Zeev, Prof.Dr.Amin Soebandrio Head of the Eijkman Institute of Biology and Higher Education said that 3 molecules on the surface are recognized by the coronavirus namely ACE2, CD209 and CLEC4M. Smoking can change lung cells to be more susceptible to SARS-CoV-2 infection through increased ACE2 expression in AT2 cells and then facilitating the entry of viruses by increasing the expression of DC-SIGN DCs.

The link between smoking and coronavirus is established, the virus more 'likes' cells in the body of smokers

"In smokers, ACE2 and CD209 stand out very significantly, thus making the virus anchor faster. The reason why smoking is more exposed to the virus because there are more receptors," said Head of the Eijkman Institute of Biology and Higher Education, Prof. Dr. Amin Soebandrio in Jakarta, Friday, March 13, 2020.

This statement is in line with several findings published in various literature, which mention the relationship between smokers and the characteristics of patients infected with COVID-19.
A group of researchers from China with various institutional backgrounds, said the severity of coronaviruses in men in China was higher than in women. This is because men in China are mostly heavy smokers.


The team of doctors is researching the comparison of the lungs of smokers infected with COVID-19

ACE2, CD209, and CLEC4M are Caused by Tar Residues in Cigarette Smoke

According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), in cigarette tar not only ACE2, CD209 and CLEC4M, cigarette tar contains more than 7000 other dangerous chemicals!

Not only does it cause vulnerability to the Coronavirus, but tar turns out to be the substance most responsible for lung cancer
Lately, there has also been a very viral photo of a black lung from a smoker who wants to thrust his organs after he dies. It turned out that after being examined by a doctor, his lungs had been badly damaged by tar for 30 years of smoking.

The American Lung Association urges smokers to quit, which may help avoid the most serious symptoms of the new disease. 


Quit smoking now! If you can't or don't want, at least use a cigarette tar filter!

The best solution to avoid this and keep your lung health is to stop smoking, but quitting smoking is not as easy as turning the palm, it takes a lot of discipline and high-level commitment. And there aren't many who fail or stop then smoking again.

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