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Not ready to quit smoking? Enhance your experience with this.

Whether you can't stop smoking or don't want to, the Anti Tar filter will enhance your smoking experience. 

This ingenious, clear, plastic filter removes 90% of the smoke's tar and toxic substances. It helps reduce the junk that goes into your lungs, quieting that persistent and embarrassing smoker's cough. We have many customers who stopped their cough in just 5 days of smoking with our filter. 

Ready to Quit Smoking? You'll love this.

If your goal is to quit smoking, Anti Tar reduces the nicotine so that you can stop a lot easier. 

Either way, using Anti Tar does not reduce the flavor or your smoking pleasure. You'll inhale as if there is no filter, and you can use it up to three times without it leaking. Plus, using the filter keeps your fingers, lips, and teeth a lot cleaner.

Want to try Anti Tar risk-free? Here's the deal for heavy smokers.

I'm running a promotion while supplies last. When you order the most popular bundle, you get:

  1. 3 Boxes of 300 Filters. That's enough for one month for a pack-a-day smoker
  2. A FREE Carrying Case to keep everything clean and ready
  3. FREE - 15 Slim Size Converters for slim cigarettes
  4. FREE Shipping Worldwide

Click the link to the order page to order yours today. You'll find other deals for smaller and larger bundles too. 

Ready to enjoy smoking minus the coughing? Don't wait. These filters are selling fast, and I don't want you to have any delays.

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