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Ultimate Gen Cigarette Filters

ANTI TAR® offers the leading market quality, at an affordable price.


Pick and Choose Your Favorite Filter

Filter Comparison

at300 600

ANTI TAR® AT300 Mini

at470 600

ANTI TAR® AT470 TripleGuard

Filtration Layer

✅ Double Filtration - Plenty of Tar Filtered

✅ Triple Filtration - Maximum Tar Filtered

Filtration Technology

filter double optimized
filter tripple 200b

Filtration Effectiveness

Airflow Smoothness

Mouth Vent

✅ Rectangular Vent - Smoother Puffing

✅ Anti-slip And Comfortable to Bite

mouth antitar optimized

✅ Wide Vent - Smoother Suction

✅ Anti-slip And Comfortable to Bite

at470 mouth 200

Cigarettes Per One Filter

2-3 Cigarettes

5-6 Cigarettes

Filter cost per cigarette



Suitable for Occasional

& Light Smokers

AT300 Mini Filter 3rd Generation

(10 customer reviews)

From $23/box

Suitable for Regular

& Heavy Smokers

AT470 Triple Filtration Tar Filter

(41 customer reviews)

From $23/box

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