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Targuard vs ANTI TAR Cigarette Filter

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In the year 2021, technology has been advancing so fast in the past few years. But most of the cigarette tar filter brands available in the market such as Targuard, are still the first-generation filter. While all these filters are cheap, they don't capture a lot of tar effectively as well. As the result, there are still tar going into smoker's lung while consumer think they're protected

In Singapore, ANTI TAR has been researching how to maximize tar filtration effectively, to improve our customer's health concerns, and at the same time encourage them to quit smoking. After a lot of studies, we have come out with latest mechanical filtration design and Venturi Principle system to provide better comfort to use and maximize tar filtration while maintaining the taste

Cigarette Filter Comparison


Other Brands

Other Brands



Filtration Layer

❌ 1st Generation Filter

❌ Single Filtration - Less Tar Filtered

✅ 3rd Generation Filter

✅ Double Filtration - More Tar Filtered

Filtration Technology

filter single optimized
filter double optimized

Tar Filtration Effectiveness

How Many Cigarettes Can Be Used?


❌ Meaning it doesn't capture a lot of tar, that's why it can be used until 8x


✅ Meaning it capture a lot of tar until storage tank full easily

Vent Design

❌ Classic Vent - Harder to Puff

mouth other optimized

✅ Rectangular Vent - Smoother Puffing

mouth antitar optimized

Mouth Design

❌ Thick, Uncomfortable and Easily Slip

✅ Anti Slip & More Comfortable to Bite

We truly believe in our products completely, and we go above and beyond to provide you with the highest-quality tar filter possible.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

35f Natalie 150


5star 150
I am still very satisfied with the products...

This was my 3rd order in this shop and I am still very satisfied with the products i also give to my friends and family, they are very satisfied and happy, most of them said that this is the better gift they ever got ? better than chocolate, a bottle of wine or a bouquet of flowers ? So.... Thumbs up for Anti Tar and a million stars from me, my family and friends ♡ ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Highly recommended!

leblanc gilbert 150
Gilbert R.


5star 150
...reduced my smoker's cough within the first week...

They do work reasonably well and reduced my smoker's cough within the first week, almost completely eliminating it the longer I used them. The amount of tar you keep from your lungs even with these small disposable ones is amazing and adds up. The only downside is that once they start getting full of tar, it starts to affect the taste of the cigarette. But this just means you need to switch out to a new one. Personally, I won't smoke without Anti Tar anymore if I have them on me. And until I can quit once and for all, using these will at least give me the confidence knowing I'm at least keeping some tar out of my lungs and not have to worry about a smoker cough with its disgusting phlegm.

23f Annalise 150
Annalise M.


5star 150
I felt like this was the next best thing to quitting.

I bought these for my dad after spending almost my entire life trying to get him to quit smoking. I felt like this was the next best thing to quitting. He really likes them because they don't change the taste of the cigarettes. You see the tar building up immediately after smoking which helps change your mindset. My dad gives them out to friends to try as well. It comes with a small carrying case so your pockets don't smell terrible

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