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This is The Proof That Cigarette Filters are Useless

The cigarette industry is huge and profits off of the addictive nature of a drug that is incredibly harmful and damaging.

In their attempt to tackle the endless health problems that are associated with smoking, cigarette manufacturers attached filters to the butts under the guise of filtering out the large amounts of tar that can be ingested.

the deadliest fraud in the history of civilisation

See below for the proof...

How Effective are Cigarette Filters?

It has come to light that these filters are actually useless, and do nothing to benefit smokers’ health, and are instead just an attempt to market cigarettes as safer than they actually are.

As a result, many smokers are continuing to take on dangerous amounts of tar, toxins and chemicals into their body that can cause excessive damage, particularly to the lungs, which could result in long-term health problems, some of which are irreversible, others are terminal.

So, in answer to the question of how effective cigarette filters are, in short the answer is not at all. Instead, they deceive smokers, and could even increase the risk of illnesses, like cancer, as they cause smokers to inhale harder whilst not removing the harmful toxins. Scientists are going as far as to call these filters “the deadliest fraud in the history of civilisation,” as they blatantly lack the capabilities that they claim to have, leading to deadly results,

It has been stated that filters are actively harmful, as the presence of the yellow discoloration was actually invented to reassure smokers that tar was being collected, when instead it just comes from a change in pH. Scientists argue it is a gimmick, made so manufacturers can save on the cost of tobacco as opposed to genuinely helping people reduce their tar intake.

The extent to which damage can be caused is frightening, and the lies surrounding these filters are a disgrace. As smokers are said to inhale more deeply when smoking through these filters, this means they are at an increased risk of developing lung cancer as they draw in carcinogens contained in cigarette smoke more deeply into their lungs.

This means that filters do the opposite to what they are supposed to, and unknowingly put smokers at a huge risk of fatal diseases.

The Proof of Cigarette Filters are Useless can be Seen by The Amount of Tar Inside Antitar Filter

the proof that cigarette filters are useless

The fact that there are still a lot of tar caught means the original cigarette filter didnt do the job properly

The original cigarette filter that was designed was made out of cotton with the intention of trying to absorb vapors and accumulate the chemical components found in cigarettes. However, it has been proven to not be as effective as using external, plastic cigarette filters such as Antitar. This filter shows clearly the excessive accumulation of tar, which is not shown in the original cigarette filter, proving it does not execute the function adeptly. Purchasing this extra, external filter protects you from the toxic black tar.

If cutting back on your smoking habit is a pursuit you are actively participating in, then do not fall for this outrageous marketing strategy that perpetuates cigarettes to be less harmful than they are. Protect yourself and use Antitar filters on your cigarettes to truly collect tar and harmful chemicals to get the best, most genuine results.


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