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Which One Is The Most Harmful Between Cigarette, Vape, and Hookah?

Sometimes, you just miss your friends and you want to see them. 

So you make plans with them. There’s a ton of things that are fun to do in a group setting such as hookah/shisha, vape or just regular cigarette smoking. But they are all bad for you.

vape better than smoking cigarette?

Hookah is not a safe alternative compared to cigarette smoking because a hookah session is equivalent to you finishing 10 sticks in one sitting! [according to CDC]

Now you may think vaping is okay cause it’s ‘healthier’ and could help you give up your addiction. 

It isn’t. 

A 2016 study was conducted to find how useful vape is in smoking cessation and found that the subjects are 28% are less likely to quit smoking if they were vaping. 

Obviously, cigarettes aren’t good for you too. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t take some preventive measures. With our Anti Tar Cigarette Filter, you’ll be able to absorb the tar which is a much better option compared to hookah or vaping.  

Let us explain. Tar is the harmful substance that causes numerous lungs problems ranging from the annoying coughs to in a more serious case, lung cancer. The cartridge will slowly turn black after approximately 3 sticks. This shows it’s effective in filtering tar. 

By using our Anti Tar Cigarette Filter, you’d be able to protect yourself to a certain degree even if you are a light smoker. The choice is yours. 

PS: We know you’re busy and sometimes would forget to repurchase when you finish the filters. So, we’re offering a 10% off and to sweeten the deal, we will ship them to you for free! Check how much you save here.

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