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antitar vs targard, tar bar, tar block, tartrap, nicless

ANTI TAR® vs Targard, Tar Bar, Tar Block, Tartrap, Nicless, Nic-Out

As of 2021, technology has advanced so rapidly. But most cigarette tar filter brands available on the market, like Targard, TarBar, TarBlock, Tar Trap, Nicless & Nic-Out, are still first-generation filters. All these filters are inexpensive, but they don’t effectively capture tar as well. Therefore, there is still tar going into smoker’s lungs while the […]

quit smoking gradual reduction

How to Quit Smoking Using Gradual Reduction Method

Testimonials of 40 Year Old Heavy Smokers Quit Smoking Within 3 Months Without Withdrawal SymptomsPlease read slowlyMy uncle (in the middle) with his friends, blurred for privacyFor 40 years has my uncle smoked, which he started when he was a teenager, starting just out of curiosity with his friends, finally lead to 2 packs a […]

the deadliest fraud in the history of civilisation

This is The Proof That Cigarette Filters are Useless

The cigarette industry is huge and profits off of the addictive nature of a drug that is incredibly harmful and damaging. In their attempt to tackle the endless health problems that are associated with smoking, cigarette manufacturers attached filters to the butts under the guise of filtering out the large amounts of tar that can be […]

How to prevent a smoker's cough

How To Prevent a Smoker’s Cough

People who smoke, especially long-term smokers, often develop chronic coughs. This is their body’s attempt to eliminate the chemicals that are entering the lungs and airways from their tobacco use. A cough that persists for over 3 weeks can be considered a chronic ‘smoker’s cough’.Coughing may seem harmless, and is merely a by-product of smoking, […]

Surprising Proven Method to Stop Smokers Cough

Surprising Proven Method to Stop Smokers Cough

A smoker’s cough is a common complaint among people who smoke, especially those long-term smokers. A cough is considered a smoker’s cough if it’s present for more than two or three weeks. A study on young military personnel found that over 40 percent of participants who smoked daily and 27 percent who smoked occasionally experienced […]

5 Ways to Get Loved Ones to Butt Out of Your Smoking Habit

5 Proven Ways to Get Loved Ones to Butt Out of Your Smoking Habit

I had my first cigarette in 2002, during a New Year’s Eve party—Remember when we could smoke in bars? As clear as day, I still recall coughing up half a lung when I took that first hit. I also remember throwing up my hands in protest as to say ‘no more, I’m good’. But as […]

Lung Smokers ‘Heaven’ For Corona Virus COVID-19

Lung Smokers ‘Heaven’ For Corona Virus COVID-19

Coronavirus is now a pandemic, according to the World Health Organization, and Smokers appear to be at higher risk from the coronavirus than nonsmokers, Dr. Yael Bar-Zeev, chair of the Israeli Medical Association for Smoking Cessation and Prevention, said Sunday.A public health physician at Hebrew University’s Braun School of Public Health and Community Health, wrote, […]

the charcoaled lungs of a person who smoked for 30 years

Surgeons Show What The Human Lungs Look Like After 30 Years Of Smoking & It’s Shocking

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, smoking is the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States. It accounts for almost half a million deaths each year, meaning that 1 in 5 deaths occurs because of smoking and its damage to the human body. Nevertheless, thousands of people […]


New Innovative Aid To Help You Successfully Quit Smoking

Tobacco is best known for three major dangers: nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide. Nicotine is the chemical that causes addiction but it is the tar that is responsible for the biggest health risks, including many types of cancer. Tar is toxic and damages the smoker’s lungs over time through various biochemical and mechanical processes. Tar also damages the mouth by rotting and […]

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